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IWBFT Episode 10

IWBFT – 010 – Stomach Ulcers and Song Meanings

w/ special guest – (none) TOPICS Karl feels like a new man after using the restroom “I’d lick that” Karl can’t drink much because of stomach ulcers The guys discuss Rolling Stone’s best albums of 2014 U2 sucks Karl and Alex blindside Russ with a new segment for the show Bit: News piece with Alex…

IWBFT Episode 9

IWBFT – 009 – Accessible Porn and Shroom Trips

w/ special guest – Schaumburg AKA Adam TOPICS Urban Dictionary denies “Beer Sludge” Special guest Schaumburg stops by The guys revisit the definition of Beer Sludge Vape is the 2014 word of the year Snapchat introduces Snapcash Porn is so easy and accessible nowadays Bit: Random Shit with Karl Mike Tyson has a cartoon? We…

IWBFT Episode 8

IWBFT – 008 – Beer Sludge and Medical Marijuana

w/ special guest – (none) TOPICS Bit: Google IWBFT Daycares are worse than truckstop bathrooms Karl loves dictionaries and encyclopedias “Behold the boomerang” Train Bang The guys submit “Beer Sludge” to Urban Dictionary We sample SweetWater 420 Extra Pale Ale Let’s talk about weed Medical marijuana in Florida debate Russ breaks out Jeremiah Weed Southern…

IWBFT Episode 7

IWBFT – 007 – High School and TV Show Addiction

w/ special guest – (none) TOPICS Karl doesn’t understand open container laws Yik Yak app Teachers having sex with students Russ had the good life in high school Sex Salt Karl had a weird job in high school We sample Samuel Adams Fat Jack Double Pumpkin Ale Russ is obsessed with everything pumpkin Walking Dead…

IWBFT Episode 6

IWBFT – 006 – Cats, Bears, and Waterslides

w/ special guest – Cat Lady TOPICS Bit: Google IWBFT How addicted to porn are you? Pornstars without makeup Mail-order brides Special guest Cat Lady stops by Cat Lady has many names Let’s talk cats Ultimate vehicle to have sex in iPhone 6 upgrade issues We sample Cigar City Jai Alai IPA What’s up with…